Gouache Landscapes: Episode 1 - Mountain River

Sarah Burns
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Painting landscapes should be fun! That's why I'm doing this series. I want to share my strategies for painting my favorite places with gouache. It's a perfect medium to take with you when you travel and capture your world.


In Episode 1 I will share my process for painting this Scotland mountain scene while I discuss the following things:

  • Controlling values
  • Adding mist
  • Working in layers
  • Different brush strokes

This scene is great practice for your gouache journey and I hope it will inspire you to paint landscapes!

About This Series

Gouache Landscapes is a series of "bite size" classes (all under an hour) that each demonstrate a variety of techniques and strategies for getting the most out of gouache. There is no specific upload schedule, but my plan is to release them every 2-3 weeks.

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Gouache Landscapes: Episode 1 - Mountain River

0 ratings
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