Gouache Landscapes: Episode 3 - Waterfall

Sarah Burns
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In episode three, I’ll show you how I paint this waterfall using gouache a little differently (more like watercolor). Gouache is incredibly versatile, and I rarely use one single method while painting landscapes. This class shows you how I dilute the gouache in order to approach the painting from a watercolor mindset.

In this class, I will demonstrate:

  • The sketch process
  • Diluting the gouache
  • Negative painting & adding thick details
  • Achieving a painterly style


  • Winsor & Newton Gouache
  • Seawhite of Brighton Watercolor Sketchbook


  • Zinc white
  • Cadmium free lemon yellow
  • Permanent alizarin crimson
  • Burnt Sienna (barely used)
  • Prussian Blue
  • Perylene Black (which is a SUPER dark green)

About This Series

Gouache Landscapes is a series of classes that offers real time instruction for how to paint a variety of landscapes with gouache. Each class is 60 minutes or less so you can fit it into your busy schedule. I show you my techniques, talk about tips for getting the most out of your gouache, and talk about my own struggles and how I overcome them. There is no specific upload schedule, but my plan is to release them every 2-3 weeks. Episode 1 is free!

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Gouache Landscapes: Episode 3 - Waterfall

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