4 Expressive Watercolor Landscape Painting Tutorial

Sarah Burns
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This tutorial is a replay of a paintalong and is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to paint expressive landcapes.

Learn how to paint 4 expressive landscapes using watercolor, Salt, Splatter, Palette Knife and more!

In this tutorial, we cover 4 different scenes. I demonstrate the following things (and more):

- How to paint clouds

- How to paint mountain/land mass

- Atmospheric Perspective

- Texture and expressive mark making

What are Paintalongs?

Paintalongs happen during my live streams. I record the tutorials for my Patreons, sometimes youtube, and now gumroad!

I've been teaching Paintalongs since July 2016, mainly with watercolor and gouache. It's less of a strict classroom setting and more of a fun, casual hang-out where I give you guys instruction on how to paint a landscape. During the paintalong, I walk viewers through a painting from start to finish. Viewers paint along with me while I explain things! They can ask questions live in chat and get feedback. I cover a variety of subjects, mediums and techniques, and we focus on a different type of landscape each month.


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4 Full length tutorials including instructions as we paint together.

5.35 GB
92 minutes

4 Expressive Watercolor Landscape Painting Tutorial

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I want this!